Sunday, April 5, 2009

Railway station and National theatre

First of all thankyou to all the commentators and visitors so much for the interest you have shown. I joined a site called City Daily Photo, and have been accepted. I suspect some of the people commenting were from that site. Please don't feel neglected if I haven't payd you a revisit yet. I most certainly will as soon as I get a moment. I am so interested to see how other places in the world looks like.

Anyway we left the Senate Square behind and walked to the very central area of the city. There we have the central railway station and also the national theatre. In the middle of the station square is an ice rink in the winter time.

Main entrance to railway station, designed by architect Eliel Saarinen and taken into use in 1919.

The national theatre (grey building) founded in 1872 and the skating rink in front of it.


  1. Great buildings! I like especially the roof of the national theatre and its towers:)

  2. Interesting architecture. I like that figures with balls in hands.
    Wonderful sharp pictures.

  3. The railway station is a very impressive building. The picture of the national theatre is fabulous.

  4. There was no skating ring in front of the statue of Aleksis Kivi when I was a little girl, but "nothing" else has changed.

  5. I love railway travel, the station looks beautiful, at that time it was put so much grandeur and aesthetics into the buildings of railway stations.
    I love Theater and this building suits its prupose splendidly. (The curse of our time Pepsi signs should not be displayed on top of buildings, it is ugly.)


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