Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Market square

We are still moving around at the harbour areas but are now approaching the market square on our walk.

Here is a view in towards town and the dome church, that stands as a header on this blog, is clearly visible behind the buildings around the market square area.

Once upon a time there was film called 'Reds' made and these streets were the site where this film with Warren Beatty and Dianne Keaton was actually filmed. Filming inside Russia (the Sovjet Union in those days) was not an option.
I had the dubious pleasure of becoming aquainted with one of the film crew. I was a very young person in those days and of course it was ever so exciting. Thus I can with my hand on my heart tell, that I have been to a private party with Warren Beatty (a non drinker supposedly) and Dianne Keaton. The state of my shallowness in those days can be figured out from the fact that I was rather dissapointed that no press was allowed. Perhaps a good thing. Dear Mr Beatty was anything but sober.

Moving along from that sidestep onto memory lane we take a look towards the other side and see behind the modern office building the Russian Orthodox Uspensky Cathedral.

The Sveaborg ferry is in the foreground.

Our final picture of today is of this old sailing ship which functions as a restaurant these days and behind it is the Helsinki Town House.


  1. Lovely shots, and the ship is gorgeous!!

  2. Maybe Warren had a jet lag or the many duties of the movie kept him awake at night? Doing too many tasks at once can take it´s toll.

  3. That must have been it my friend. Exhaustion :)

  4. Very good idea this new blog about Helsinki, you've a lot to show and you are good for it.

  5. These are wonderful pictures. I came over because I wanted to thank you for your kind comments about my evanescence post. I appreciate you coming to visit!

  6. I remember "Reds" because it was one of the first movies I ever saw on my own with friends. No adults. And boy was I confused! What a great city.

  7. Wonderful pictures and story about the movie. I look forward to seeing more of Helsinki.


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