Sunday, March 29, 2009

Along the seaside promenade

Helsinki is a city of a substantial amount of cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs of every thinkable variety. Especially during the warm periods the commerce in those street cafes and bars, that are abundant around the central areas, is lively. Us finns love to meet up in such places and sit there watching the world go by.
The above cafe Ursula is alongside the seaside promenade at the bottom of the most beautiful park, the Kaivopuisto, a popular recreation area and a site for many different kinds of outside concerts among other happenings during the summer.

Further along the promenade is this charming island restaurant, The Palace Kämp, which can be reached by a regularly trafficing boat.


  1. The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous! Was it a house at some point, I wonder?

  2. You know, Kendris, it probably was. I don't know the original history of this house.

  3. Helsinki must be a very beautiful town by the look of it! It's the only Scandinavian capital I haven't seen. The other photos are also impressive! Thanks for sharing and for your visit!


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